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Deodorant VS Antiperspirant: What’s The Difference?

We all want to stay confident, comfortable, and dry all day. But suppose you’re sweating excessively or feeling self-conscious about sweat-soaked clothing. In that case, it’s important to know the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant to decide what product is best for you. Deodorants aim to reduce body odor, whereas antiperspirants stop sweating. Read on to glean a better understanding of this important beauty topic!

Deodorant properties

Deodorant is a product that gets rid of bad smells. It helps stop bacteria from growing and spreading in sweat glands. Unlike antiperspirants, deodorant does not reduce sweat. But it can get rid of smelly odors.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that can’t be treated with deodorant. But deodorant will give you confidence, make your body feel clean, and make you smell nice. Many types of deodorants include sprays, creams, bottles with balls, and solids. All of them work well. If you like natural cosmetics and don’t want them to mix with your perfume, there are special crystals made of minerals. They use natural ingredients, which people who like organic products will love. The smell of sweat won’t ruin your self-confidence!

How to use deodorant correctly?

Buying a quality deodorant is half the battle. Therefore, it is very important to use this product correctly.

Remember three things when using deodorant:

  1. Make sure your underarms are clean before applying the product. It will help it work better.
  2. Your skin should be dry and smooth, not sweaty or wet.
  3. Wait 8 hours after shaving or waxing before using deodorant to avoid burning and irritation.

Antiperspirant properties

If bad smells or wet clothes marks make you uncomfortable, it is time to use something stronger. Deodorant will not help, but antiperspirant will. Ant antiperspirant will block your sweat glands so that you stay dry and comfortable all day. Antiperspirants come in different forms, like sprays, creams, and solids. There is also a special type of antiperspirant called clinical strength antiperspirant, designed for people who suffer from excessive sweating.

use antiperspirants correctly

How to use antiperspirants correctly?

  1. It should also be applied to clean and dry skin. However, it is not recommended to apply the product immediately after a shower, as the cells of the dermis are filled with water, and the active ingredients cannot penetrate the glands.
  2. A huge plus of antiperspirants is their long-term effect. You are guaranteed reliable protection for the whole day, even after taking water procedures.
  3. Never use the product before training or going to the sauna or thermal pool. By blocking the work of the glands, you can harm your health!
  4. Do not use antiperspirants daily. Instead, try to alternate their use with deodorant. Otherwise, the active ingredients will gradually lose their effectiveness.

So there you have it! Deodorant reduces body odor, and antiperspirant stops sweating, helping you feel confident and dry all day. Knowing the difference between these two beauty staples will ensure you use the right product for your needs and enjoy a sweat-free day!

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